ADL Tracker of Antisemitic Incidents

ADL’s Tracker of Anti-Semitic Incidents is a compilation of recent cases of anti-Jewish vandalism, harassment, and assault reported to or detected by ADL. This list is not exhaustive and incidents in the Tracker may be removed if they are determined not credible upon further investigation by ADL. ADL’s H.E.A.T. Map provides comprehensive statistics on domestic instances of anti-Semitism, extremism and terrorism. The Map is updated monthly with incidents from the Tracker and should be viewed in conjunction with the Tracker’s list of recent events. Information about how ADL selects incidents can be found here.
, California

The sanctuary doors at Temple Sinai were vandalized with painted swastika graffiti.

Source: JWeekly

Iowa City
, Iowa

Three different areas at City Park were vandalized with spray-painted messages that included a swastika and read “We are everywhere voting will not remove them," and "Hey little village, should this graffiti breathe? WLM [White Lives Matter]!” 

, New York

A man verbally harassed an ultra-Orthodox Jew for not wearing a mask while walking down the street. During an interview with media, the perpetrator made antisemitic comments about Orthodox Jews indicating that he purposely targeted his victim.

Source: MetroUK

West Hartford
, Connecticut

Emmanuel Synagogue's services held on Zoom were disrupted by unknown participants who shared Nazi imagery and antisemitic statements as well as pornographic imagery.

Source: Reported to ADL

, Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin at Madison reported that antisemitic and neo-Nazi graffiti was found on the Gard Storytellers Circle Monument on campus.

Port Washington
, New York

The Port Washington Police Athletic League's clubhouse at Sunset Park was broken into and vandalized with a dozen spray-painted swastikas.

, New York

A homeowner discovered that a swastika had been traced into wet cement that had been poured only days prior.

Source: Newsday

, New York

A man used a flagpole to "break numerous windows" and damage property at Shore Parkway Jewish Center in the Gravesend neighborhood. Following his arrest, the suspect made antisemitic statements.

Source: Hamodia

, Texas

14first, a white supremacist group, distributed propaganda that featured a swastika and messages claiming that white people are becoming a minority.

Source: KCBD

For a more expansive list of anti-Semitic incidents, please see the ADL HEAT Map.

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