ADL Tracker of Antisemitic Incidents

ADL’s Tracker of Anti-Semitic Incidents is a compilation of recent cases of anti-Jewish vandalism, harassment, and assault reported to or detected by ADL. This list is not exhaustive and incidents in the Tracker may be removed if they are determined not credible upon further investigation by ADL. ADL’s H.E.A.T. Map provides comprehensive statistics on domestic instances of anti-Semitism, extremism and terrorism. The Map is updated monthly with incidents from the Tracker and should be viewed in conjunction with the Tracker’s list of recent events. Information about how ADL selects incidents can be found here.
, Washington

A menorah on display at Marina Park was found vandalized with the light bulbs torn down and broken glass on the cement.

Source: Reported to ADL

, New York

Four synagogues were vandalized with offensive graffiti in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Source: PIX 11

, South Carolina

An unknown user posted antisemitic comments on a Jewish organization's YouTube video.

Source: Reported to ADL

, Pennsylvania

A Jewish man and woman were attacked by a passerby on the street who charged at them and shouted, "You are fucking Jews, aren't you? I'm going to fucking kill you!"

Source: Reported to ADL

, South Carolina

A synagogue's virtual Shabbat services on Zoom were disrupted by an unknown person who made inappropriate comments to the other participants.

Source: Reported to ADL

Oak Park
, Illinois

On December 14, and then again on December 18, classes held on Zoom at Oak Park and River Forest High School were disrupted by an unknown person or persons who made racist and antisemitic comments.

Source: Pioneer Press

, New Hampshire

The Hannukah menorah at Dartmouth College was vandalized when seven of the nine lights were shot out with "what appears to have been a pellet gun."

, Oregon

A virtual assembly for students at Ashland High School was disrupted by a participant who drew swastikas and wrote "Heil Hitler" on the shared screen.

Source: KDRV

Forest Hills
, New York

A Queens homeowner's fence was vandalized with antisemitic graffiti that read: "Fucking Jewish bitches in the asshole is the best."

Source: QNS

For a more expansive list of anti-Semitic incidents, please see the ADL HEAT Map.

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