ADL Tracker of Antisemitic Incidents

ADL’s Tracker of Anti-Semitic Incidents is a compilation of recent cases of anti-Jewish vandalism, harassment, and assault reported to or detected by ADL. This list is not exhaustive and incidents in the Tracker may be removed if they are determined not credible upon further investigation by ADL. ADL’s H.E.A.T. Map provides comprehensive statistics on domestic instances of anti-Semitism, extremism and terrorism. The Map is updated monthly with incidents from the Tracker and should be viewed in conjunction with the Tracker’s list of recent events. Information about how ADL selects incidents can be found here.
, New York

Between April 23 and April 24, four synagogues in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx were attacked by a male who threw objects at windows causing glass to shatter.

Source: CBS New York

, Minnesota

The exterior wall of a restroom at Veterans Memorial Park in Cloquet was vandalized with spray-pained graffiti that included a swastika, Star of David and letters that appear to be initials.

Source: Pine Journal

Los Angeles
, California

Messages that read, "Jews are guilty" and, "The Jew is guilty" were found spray-painted on the sidewalk throughout the Venice Beach neighborhood.

Source: Reported to ADL

West Linn
, Oregon

Fliers targeting Oregon House Rep. Rachel Prusak were distributed throughout Clackamas County. The fliers included an image of Prusak with a Star of David "Jude" on her chest and a message that read: "Rachel Prusak: Another fun-grabbing Jew."

Source: Reported to ADL

, Montana

Police in Butte reported that a painted swastika was found covering a manhole in a residential neighborhood.

, New York

A playground at an elementary school was defaced with graffiti that included spray-painted swastikas and letters that spelled "JEX."

Source: Patch

Rego Park
, New York

A Jewish man walking to his synagogue in Queens was attacked by a man who reportedly kicked him and yelled antisemitic slurs.

Source: Hamodia

, New York

Five Hasidic Jewish men, ranging in age from 11 to 82, were attacked by a hit a driver in a minivan who backed his car into the group.

, Florida

The words, "Zionism is Satanism" was found spray-painted on various public property around downtown Miami.

Source: Reported to ADL

Fort Collins
, Colorado

A man was arrested after he was caught painting swastikas on light poles and signs in a shopping complex.

For a more expansive list of anti-Semitic incidents, please see the ADL HEAT Map.

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