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BINAH: A New ADL Online Course on Antisemitism and Hate

The latest in ADL Education’s antisemitism programs, BINAH – Building Insights to Navigate Antisemitism and Hate – is a digital, interactive course for high school students that helps build empathy and allyship.

ADL has been fighting antisemitism and all forms of hate since 1913.  Through our education division, we develop programs, trainings, curricula and resources that empower educators, students and parents to challenge bias and hate.

BINAH, Building Insights to Navigate Antisemitism and Hate, is a digital course developed by ADL in partnership with Everfi, that motivates students to identify as global citizens with respect for all people, regardless of the makeup of their school community. 

Students learn through short real-world stories, helping them engage in topics like the Holocaust, the lives of Hasidic Jews, immigration and antisemitic acts in America. These personal stories help students build empathy, perspective and allyship.

Echoes and Reflections

Echoes & Reflections

A natural complement to the BINAH online course, Echoes & Reflections empowers educators to teach about the Holocaust, antisemitism and their meaning in today's world.


Through ADL’s Holocaust education program, Echoes & Reflections, educators learn how to teach about the Holocaust and antisemitism, and how they impact  today’s world. This program, a partnership between ADL, USC Shoah Foundation and Yad Vashem, offers a natural extension to BINAH by providing educators with important context, resources, and professional development to support classroom instruction. Since 2005, Echoes & Reflections, has impacted more than 85,000 educators, reaching an estimated 8 million students across the US.


ADL offers various programs, lesson plans and resources devoted to teaching about antisemitism, the Holocaust and ways to empower students, educators and parents to challenge bias in themselves, others and society. 


Words to Action 

Echoes & Reflections

Lesson Plans

Think. Plan. Act.  – Tools for dealing with antisemitic and anti-Israel incidents on campus.

Antisemitism Around the World – Multimedia lesson plan that uses the ADL Global 100: An Index of Antisemitism to explore antisemitic tropes and attitudes in the US and around the world.

Deadly Shooting At Tree of Life Synagogue – Featuring the Pyramid of Hate to, this lesson plan uses Pittsburgh synagogue shooting as a case study to show how bigotry escalates from ideas, to words, to behaviors, to discriminatory policies and, finally, to genocidal violence. 

Antisemitic Incidents: Being an Ally, Advocate, Activist – This lesson plan asks students to consider different kinds of recent antisemitic incidents, from Holocaust jokes, to swastika vandalism, to assault and their impact. 

The Resilience of Antisemitism: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – Three-part series of lessons that teaches about the history of antisemitism and raises awareness about the tactics of hate propaganda and skills to respond, on and offline.

Challenging Antisemitism: Debunking Myths and Responding with Facts – This two-unit series provides students with basic understanding of the Jewish people and their history, religion and culture as well as facts to counter certain myths and stereotypes about Jewish people that students might encounter.

Other Relevant Resources:

Discussing Antisemitism: A Guide for Reflection and Conversation – Discussion guide for parents and educators on antisemitism and allyship.

Alt-Right and White Supremacy – Lesson plan that helps students understand what White Supremacy is, explore historic and modern day examples, and the elements of antisemitism that animate it.

Swastikas and Other Hate Symbols – Students reflect on the significance of symbols in our society and learn about the swastika and other symbols of hate and their impact on communities. Students consider what can be done, as individuals, a school or community, to respond to the appearance of hate symbols.


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