Across the Alley

People, Identity & Culture
Race & Racism
Richard Michelson
E. B. Lewis
Age Group:
Putnam Juvenile
People, Identity & Culture
Race & Racism

Abe and Willie live across the alley from each other. Willie is black and Abe is Jewish, and during the day, they don't talk. But at night they open their windows and are best friends. Then one night, Abe's grandfather catches them. Will Abe and Willie have the courage to cross the alley and reveal their friendship during the day?

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Under My Hijab

Hena Khan

As a young girl observes six very different women in her life who each wear the hijab in a unique way, she also dreams of the rich possibilities of her own future, and how she will express her own personality through her hijab.

Under My Hijab Book Cover