American Born Chinese

People, Identity & Culture
Gene Luen Yang
Age Group:
12 and up
Square fish
People, Identity & Culture

This graphic novel revolves around three characters. Jin Wang starts at a new school where he's the only Chinese-American student; he wants to be an “all-American boy” because he's in love with an all-American girl. Danny is an all-American boy—great at basketball, popular with girls but his obnoxious cousin's annual visit is such a disaster that it ruins Danny's reputation at school, leaving him with no choice but to transfer somewhere he can start all over again. The Monkey King has lived for thousands of years and mastered the arts of kung fu and the heavenly disciplines. He's ready to join the ranks of the immortal gods in heaven. But there's no place in heaven for a monkey. Each of these characters cannot help himself alone, but how can they possibly help each other? They're going to have to find a way―if they want fix the disasters their lives have become.

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