Hearts Unbroken

Bias, Discrimination & Hate
People, Identity & Culture
Hearts Unbroken
Cynthia Leitich Smith
Age Group:
14 and up
Bias, Discrimination & Hate
People, Identity & Culture

When Louise Wolfe’s first real boyfriend mocks and disrespects Native people in front of her, she breaks things off. It’s her senior year and she’d rather spend her time with her family and friends and work on the school newspaper. The editors pair her up with Joey Kairouz, the ambitious new photojournalist, and the paper’s staff find themselves with a major story to cover, the school musical director’s inclusive approach to casting The Wizard of Oz has been provoking backlash in their mostly white, middle-class Kansas town. Long-held prejudices are being laid bare and hostilities are spreading against teachers, parents, and students — especially the cast members at the center of the controversy. As tensions mount at school, so does a romance between Louise and Joey — but as she’s learned, “dating while Native” can be difficult.

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