Hold On to Your Music

Genocide & Holocaust
Jewish Culture & Anti-Semitism
Hold On to Your Music
Mona Golabek, Lee Cohen
Sonia Possentini
Age Group:
LIttle, Brown Books for Young Readers
Genocide & Holocaust
Jewish Culture & Anti-Semitism

In pre-World War II Vienna, Lisa Jura was a musical prodigy who dreamed of becoming a concert pianist. But when enemy forces threatened the city—particularly the Jewish people that lived there—Lisa's parents were forced to make a difficult decision. They chose to send Lisa to London for safety through the Kindertransport, a rescue effort that relocated Jewish children. As Lisa yearned to be reunited with her family while living in a home for refugee children on Willesden Lane, her music became a beacon of hope for those around her. A true story of courage, survival, and determination, this is a compelling tribute to a gifted young girl. 

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I Talk Like a River

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