I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes her Mark

Gender & Sexism
Jewish Culture & Anti-Semitism
Social Justice
I Dissent book cover
Debbie Levy
Elizabeth Baddeley
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Gender & Sexism
Jewish Culture & Anti-Semitism
Social Justice

Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has spent a lifetime disagreeing: disagreeing with inequality, arguing against unfair treatment, and standing up for what’s right for people everywhere. This biographical picture book about the Notorious RBG, tells the justice’s story through the lens of her many famous dissents or disagreements.

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The Best Man

Richard Peck

Archer Magill has spent a lively five years of elementary school with one eye out in search of grown-up role models. But now here comes middle school and puberty, with big changes and revelations, including when he is the best man at the wedding of two of his role models. The book recounts Archer's span from first grade to sixth, navigating family ties, school, bullying, homophobia, death and marriage.

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The Best Man Book Cover