It Doesn't Have To Be This Way: A Barrio Story

Bullying Awareness & Prevention
People, Identity & Culture
Luis J. Rodriquez
Daniel Galvez
Age Group:
Children's Book Press
Bullying Awareness & Prevention
People, Identity & Culture

One day, a member of the local gang tells Monchi it's time to join up. He is scared but excited. The older boys give him the handshake, girls talk to him, and even teachers are afraid of him. But when a tragic event changes everything, Monchi must make an important decision. The love and respect of his uncle helps him find a way out.

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Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World

Ashley Herring Blake

When a tornado rips through town, Ivy Aberdeen's house is destroyed and her family displaced. Ivy feels invisible and ignored in the aftermath of the storm—and what's worse, her notebook filled with secret drawings of girls holding hands has gone missing.

Ivy Aberdeens Letter to the World Book Cover