My eXtra Special Brother

Ability, Disability & Ableism
People, Identity & Culture
Carly Heyman
Stephanie Conley
Age Group:
Fragile X Association of GA
Ability, Disability & Ableism
People, Identity & Culture

Sixteen-year-old Carly Heyman writes a story of growing up with her big brother Scott, a young man who has a sweet smile, a courageous heart, and fragile X syndrome, the world’s leading cause of inherited mental impairment. In her direct and honest voice, Carly reveals the ins and outs, ups and downs of daily life with Scott. She identifies challenges that siblings of a brother or sister with special needs may encounter. She shows how those challenges provide opportunities to love, laugh and learn.

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Under My Hijab

Hena Khan

As a young girl observes six very different women in her life who each wear the hijab in a unique way, she also dreams of the rich possibilities of her own future, and how she will express her own personality through her hijab.

Under My Hijab Book Cover