People, Identity & Culture
Social Justice
Natalia Sylvester
Age Group:
12 and up
Clarion Books
People, Identity & Culture
Social Justice

Fifteen-year-old Mariana Ruiz's father is running for president. Throughout his successful political career, Senator Ruiz he has always had his daughter’s vote, but a presidential campaign brings a whole new level of scrutiny to sheltered Mariana and the rest of her Cuban American family. As tensions rise within the Ruiz family, Mari begins to learn about the details of her father’s political positions, and she realizes that her father is not the man she thought he was. But how do you find your voice when everyone’s watching? When it means disagreeing with your father—publicly? What do you do when your dad stops being your hero? Will Mari get a chance to confront her father? If she does, will she have the courage to seize it? 

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Areli is a Dreamer

Areli Morales

When Areli was just a baby, her mama and papa moved from Mexico to New York with her brother, Alex, to make a better life for the family--and when she was in kindergarten, they sent for her, too.

Areli is a Dreamer book cover