Sharing Our Homeland: Palestinian and Jewish Children At Summer Peace Camp

Author(s) Trish Marx
Illustrator(s) Cindy Karp
Age Group 7-11
Publisher Lee & Low Books
ISBN 978-1584302605
Year 2010

Summer is here, and Alya, an Israeli Palestinian girl, and Yuval, an Israeli Jewish boy, are off to Peace Camp. They are excited, but their excitement is mixed with apprehension. The area in which they live has been fought over by Palestinians and Jews for a hundred years. What will campers from the "other side" be like, the children wonder. At camp, Alya, Yuval, and the other campers enjoy two weeks of fun in close contact with one another. They participate in sports, create arts and crafts projects, and go on field trips. The children begin to understand what their homeland means to both sides. They learn not to be afraid and to respect one another.