The Creation of Israel

Jewish Culture & Anti-Semitism
Jim Whiting
Age Group:
Mitchell Lane Publishers
Jewish Culture & Anti-Semitism

This book offers a look at the events leading up to the creation of the modern State of Israel. Chapters include the Birth of Zionism, The Balfour Declaration, The Vote for Partition, The End of the Mandate and The New Nation. Side bars with added information, maps, illustrations, a timeline, glossary and list of further reading make this an accessible history for upper elementary students.

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I Remember: Poems and Pictures of Heritage

Lee Bennett Hopkins (Compiler)

From the joyous to the poignant, poems by a group of diverse and award-winning poets are paired with images by celebrated illustrators from similar backgrounds to pay homage to what is both unique and universal about growing up in the United States.

I Remember: Poems and Pictures of Heritage