The Golden Sandal: A Middle Eastern Cinderella Story

People, Identity & Culture
Rebecca Hickox
Will Hillenbrand
Age Group:
Holiday House
People, Identity & Culture

An Iraqi version of the Cinderella story known in Arabic as "The Red Fish and the Clog of Gold".This is the story of Maha, a fisherman's daughter, and her tribulations with her stepmother and stepsister. Maha finds a small red fish in a basket one day. Releasing it back into the water, she is told that no kindness goes unrewarded. The fish becomes her source of help whenever life becomes too difficult.

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Lillian's Right to Vote

Jonah Winter

This book recalls America’s battle for civil rights in an account of one woman’s fierce determination to make it up the hill and make her voice heard.

Lillian's Right to Vote bookcover