The Namesake

People, Identity & Culture
Jhumpa Lahiri
Age Group:
14 and up
Mariner Books
People, Identity & Culture

This book follows the Ganguli family from their traditional life in Calcutta through their fraught transformation into Americans. On the heels of their arranged wedding, Ashoke and Ashima Ganguli settle together in Cambridge, Massachusetts. An engineer by training, Ashoke adapts far less warily than his wife, who resists all things American and pines for her family. When their son is born, they give him a name that is neither Indian nor American nor even really a first name at all. He grows up a bright American boy but like many second-generation immigrants, he can never quite find his place in the world.

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Lillian's Right to Vote

Jonah Winter

This book recalls America’s battle for civil rights in an account of one woman’s fierce determination to make it up the hill and make her voice heard.

Lillian's Right to Vote bookcover