They She He Me: Free to Be!

LGBTQ People & Homophobia/Heterosexism
They She He Me: Free to Be
Maya Christina Gonzalez, Matthew SG
Age Group:
Reflection Press
LGBTQ People & Homophobia/Heterosexism

Pronouns serve as a familiar starting point for kids and grown-ups to expand ideas about gender and reflect on personal expression with fun imagery that provides a place to meet and play. This book shows many gender presentations under each pronoun and invites even more. A go-to place to help keep the conversations alive, break down assumptions of who is “she” or “he” and expand beyond the binary to include “they” and more.


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Hurricane Child

Kacen Callender

Being born during a hurricane is unlucky, and twelve-year-old Caroline, who lives on Water Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, has had her share of bad luck lately. But when a new student arrives, Caroline believes her luck is turning around. 

Hurricane Child Book Cover