Too Many Tamales

People, Identity & Culture
Gary Soto
Ed Martinez
Age Group:
Puffin Books
People, Identity & Culture

Maria was feeling very grown-up on Christmas Eve as she helped her mother prepare the tamales for Christmas dinner. When she slipped her mother's diamond ring onto her finger, she only meant to wear it for a minute. But suddenly, the ring was gone, and there were 24 tamales that just might contain the missing ring. The illustator's warm oil paintings in deep earth tones conjure up a sense of family unity and celebrate the riches of South American Christmas.

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Under My Hijab

Hena Khan

As a young girl observes six very different women in her life who each wear the hijab in a unique way, she also dreams of the rich possibilities of her own future, and how she will express her own personality through her hijab.

Under My Hijab Book Cover