Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen

Bias, Discrimination & Hate
DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan
Age Group:
Bias, Discrimination & Hate

A boy spends the day with Uncle Willie in the soup kitchen where he works preparing and serving food for the hungry. The book is a straightforward fictional view of an urban soup kitchen, as observed by a boy visiting it with his Uncle Willie, who works there every day. It portrays the difficult lives of those fed (including children)—as well as the friendly, nonintrusive attitude of the kitchen workers toward them.

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Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World

Ashley Herring Blake

When a tornado rips through town, Ivy Aberdeen's house is destroyed and her family displaced. Ivy feels invisible and ignored in the aftermath of the storm—and what's worse, her notebook filled with secret drawings of girls holding hands has gone missing.

Ivy Aberdeens Letter to the World Book Cover