Who Belongs Here?: An American Story

Bias, Discrimination & Hate
People, Identity & Culture
Race & Racism
Margy Burns Knight
Anne Sibley O'brien
Age Group:
Tilbury House Publishers
Bias, Discrimination & Hate
People, Identity & Culture
Race & Racism

Who Belongs Here? tells the story of Nary, a young boy fleeing war-torn Cambodia for the safety of the United States. To some of his new classmates, however, he should go back where he “belongs”. But what if everyone whose family came from another place was forced to return to his or her homeland? Who would be left? This story teaches compassion for recent immigrants while sharing the history of immigration in America and some of the important contributions made by past immigrants. This book is also available in Spanish (¿Quien Es de Aqui?: Una Historia De America)

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Hello, Universe

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