Words Are Not for Hurting/Las palabras no son para lastimar

Bullying Awareness & Prevention
Bias, Discrimination & Hate
Elizabeth Verdick
Marieka Heinlen
Age Group:
Free Spirit Publishing
Bullying Awareness & Prevention
Bias, Discrimination & Hate

Children are known for speaking their minds. We can’t expect them to watch every word, but we can help them to understand that their words affect other people. This book helps to gently guide them to choose words that are helpful instead of hurtful, and to say two very important words—“I’m sorry”—when hurtful words come out before they can stop them.

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Hello, Universe

Erin Entrada Kelly

A disaster leads Kaori, Gen, and Valencia on an epic quest to find missing Virgil. Through luck, smarts, bravery, and a little help from the universe, a rescue is performed, bullying behavior is put in its place, and friendship blooms.

Hello, Universe Bookcover