Boston Parent Coalition for Academic Excellence Corp. v. School Committee of the City of Boston (U.S. District of Massachusetts, 2021)

This case involves a constitutional challenge to a temporary admissions program, developed in the wake of COVID-19, for Boston’s three highly selective Exam Schools. The argument put forth by plaintiff is that the new plan — which involves the suspension of entrance exams in favor of criteria that value high academic standards, increased neighborhood equity, socioeconomic inclusion and racial diversity — is a race-based quota program that purportedly “disfavor[s] Asian and white students.” From ADL’s perspective, however, the program is a constitutional and necessary adjustment in light of COVID-19 that will only serve to improve diversity within the Exam Schools. ADL’s brief, joined by a broad coalition of nonprofit organizations, sports teams, and local business entities, focuses on the beneficial impact of diversity on students’ education, achievement, and overall success, and also explains why Boston businesses have an interest in ensuring the city’s Exam Schools attract, educate, and graduate talented students of diverse backgrounds.