Amicus Brief

June Medical Services v. Gee (U.S. Supreme Court, 2019)

This case challenges a law Louisiana passed in 2014 that imposed new requirements on abortion providers, including mandating that they have active admitting privileges at a local hospital. The impact of this law would be that only one abortion clinic would remain open in Louisiana, and there would not be any physician in the state providing abortions after 17 weeks. ADL joined with the National Women’s Law Center and 71 other organizations on an amicus brief urging that the law — an unmistakable challenge to Roe v. Wade — be found unconstitutional. The brief highlights the actual burdens that the law imposes on reproductive rights and the resulting negative impact on equal participation in social and economic life. These burdens disproportionately fall on low-income women, women living in poverty, women of color, women who already have children, women subjected to intimate partner violence, and transgender and non-binary individuals. The right to liberty promised by the Constitution is denied when individuals’ reproductive rights are curtailed. An identical Texas law was invalidated by the Supreme Court in 2016.