10 Things You Can Do to Combat Hate

10 Things You Can Do to Combat Hate

To counter the hate and violence we saw on display at “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville, here are ten things you can do now to help combat anti-Semitism, racism, bigotry and hate:

1. Sign the ADL Petition: Call on President Trump to Disavow White Supremacy

2. Text ACTION to 51555 to receive ADL Action Alerts

3. Review our Hate Symbols Database and Report a Hate Crime or Bias-Related incident in your area

4. Engage in respectful dialogue to build understanding among people with different views.

5. Share our educational resources with Educators and Administrators at your school

6. Urge Congress to help improve federal data on hate crimes by supporting the NO HATE Act (S. 662/HR 1566)

7. Attend Never Is Now! ADL’s Summit on anti-Semitism and Help Innovate Against Hate

8. Get involved with ADL in your region

9. Empower young people in the aftermath of hate

10. Donate to enable ADL to build a better, safer and more just world for all.

This has been a tragic and alarming time for our nation. We must come together to stand up and speak out against hate. Join us.

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