Anti-Bias Study Guides

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Anti-bias study guides have been prepared for educators to use as supplementary materials for students. The guides are available for elementary through high school students. The lessons assist students in creating environments of mutual respect and inclusiveness, and promoting justice for all. The guides were developed to be used in conjunction with an A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute in-service program that provides a framework for its use.

Anti-Bias Building Blocks: An Elementary Curriculum

Anti-Bias Building Blocks is a K–5 curriculum designed for elementary educators who want to promote anti-bias concepts in order to create safe, inclusive and respectful classroom and school environments. The curriculum is organized into into five instructional units and there are 25 lessons for Grades K–2 and 25 lessons for Grades 3–5. The lessons help children create a safe and comfortable classroom environment, explore their identity, understand and appreciate differences and analyze and challenge bias. The curriculum helps students understand that appreciating diversity and speaking out against bias are not separate from other learning but an integral part of their education.

View Flier, Table of Contents, Overview of Units and Correlation of Lessons to the Common Core Learning Standards (PDFs).

Anti-Bias Study Guide: Secondary Level

The Anti-Bias Study Guide (Secondary Level) is for educators to use primarily with students in grades 9–12 as supplementary material to enhance existing curricula. The materials have been designed to assist educators and students in exploring ways to ensure that the tenets of freedom and equality on which this country was built become realities. The guide provides teachers with lessons that encourage students to: (1) explore societal issues arising from bias, bigotry and discrimination; (2) improve critical-thinking skills; (3) examine diverse viewpoints; and (4) take leadership roles in promoting justice and equity in their schools, communities and society at large.

View Flier, Table of Contents and Overview of Units (PDFs).

The Anti-Bias Study Guide includes the following components:

  • Lesson Plans: 32 lessons that support differentiated instruction and project-based learning (Download Sample Lesson Plan pdf) 
  • Standards: Alignment of all lessons to national education standards in multiple subjects (Download Sample Standards Correlation pdf) 
  • CD-ROM: Electronic versions of all handouts and reproducibles in English and Spanish
  • Additional Materials: Bibliographies and professional resources for educators

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