Civics Learning for High School Students

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  • Grades 8-12
Students looking up information online in class


Educators can assign these online civics activities to prepare students for deeper engagement during class or as follow-up assignments that extend learning and allow students to reflect on new concepts, discussion and questions raised during class.


Female Protestor holding a sign that states "We Cant Drink Oil #NoDAPL

Hashtags can help raise awareness, connect people and focus content and actions. But are they really a form of activism? Can true, measurable change come from simply using a hashtag in a post? Are you participating in a civic movement by using the hashtag and not going out into the community? These activities will help you better understand hashtag activism and the role it plays in social movements.

Implicit Bias

Discriminatory view of women in the company


Understanding bias and discrimination are integral to civics education because they relate to people’s civil rights. Our institutions, from schools to law enforcement to the court systems, need to treat its people fairly. In order to do so, an understanding of our own implicit biases is imperative. In the activities below you will explore implicit bias and reflect on everyday bias.