Educational Resources for the Winter Holidays

  • For Educators

While the winter holidays are often festive and fun, sometimes they present a complex dilemma for educators. Schools and teachers often want to take advantage of this time of year as an opportunity to explore cultural celebrations and religious diversity. At the same time, it is important to model good practice in being inclusive and ensuring that all individuals and groups are respected.

Below are educational resources to help guide your winter holiday celebrations and teaching practices, including curricula, tips, strategies and suggested children’s literature.

Resources for Schools and Teachers

Calendar of Observances

Considerations for Inclusive Holidays and Observances

The December Dilemma: Navigating Religious Holidays in the Public Schools (webinar)

How Can I Plan Inclusive Holiday Celebrations? (Miller Early Childhood Initiative, The Question Corner)

How Can ‘Looking at Lights’ Promote Respect Among Children For Various Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions? (Miller Early Childhood Initiative, The Question Corner)

Religion in the Public Schools: Teaching About Religious Holidays—The December Dilemma  

Winter Holidays: December Dilemma or Teaching Opportunity?


Toys and Gender (Current Events Classroom lesson, grades

Children’s Books

Jeremy's Dreidel (Book of the Month, December 2014)

Books About Religion and Religious Bigotry