Taking Action on Campus

In response to the challenges on campus, ADL offers members of the campus community programs and resources to combat ant-Semitism and deal with issues of bias and hatred. Students, faculty, administrators and campus professionals can turn to the ADL for assistance when dealing with issues such as hate crimes, anti-Semitism, religious accommodation and anti-Israel sentiment on campus. 


In response to the challenges on campus, ADL has developed formal workshops and programs.


Through the A CAMPUS OF DIFFERENCE program, college administrators, faculty members and students learn to examine stereotypes, expand cultural awareness, explore the value of diversity, and combat all forms of bigotry.

Words to Action

Words to Action is an interactive education program for college and pre-college students designed to empower and equip them with constructive and effective responses to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias on campus.

Campus Police Training

ADL’s Campus Law Enforcement Training seminars offer instruction on the special nature of hate crime, the legal and constitutional framework in which federal and state hate crime statues operate, and how to perform investigative and enforcement duties in a way that reassures the victims and helps alleviate community tensions and fear.

Campus Leaders Mission to Israel

Politically active undergraduate students and aspiring journalists learn firsthand about Israel today and the complexity of issues surrounding Israeli-Palestinian relations and other regional politics by engaging with politicians, decision makers, journalists, students, and ordinary citizens during their Mission to Israel.

Immediate Response

In addition to formal workshops, ADL employs unique and substantial methods to protect, investigate, and educate by delivering proactive and reactive programs in response to immediate needs of the campus. Check your ADL region for more information.


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