ADL's A World of Difference® Institute recognizes that attitudes and beliefs affect actions, and that each of us can have an impact on others, and ultimately, on the world in which we live. Through the development and delivery of its programs and resources, the Institute seeks to help participants recognize bias and the harm it inflicts on individuals and society; explore the value of diversity; improve intergroup relations; and challenge racism, antisemitism and all forms of prejudice and bias.


  • Customizable, interactive programs
  • In-person and online offerings
  • Standards-based classroom curricula incorporate the latest research from the education field
  • Used by schools, universities and community organizations

The origins of the A World of Difference Institute date back to 1985, when ADL and WCVB-TV in Boston initiated the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE campaign, a year-long series of education and media-driven programs designed to combat prejudice and create effective tools to address these issues in the classroom and community. The campaign’s immense success led to ongoing programs in Boston and 28 U.S. cities as well as several national awards, including a Peabody, Gabriel and Scripps-Howard. In 1992, in an effort to meet the increasing demand for its services and to formalize and coordinate its anti-bias research, programming and training efforts, ADL created and officially launched the A World of Difference Institute.

The Institute's Programs
Group of educators in an ADL training program

Educator Training

Anti-bias professional development programs provide educators and administrators with the skills and knowledge to build safe, respectful learning environments for all students. Our offerings provide effective strategies to address bias, name-calling and bullying, face-to-face and online.

African American female conducting training for high school students

Peer Training

Under the direction and guidance of one or more Peer Training Advisors, a team of middle or high school students lead anti-bias programming with their peers. Peer Trainers learn to understand and challenge bias and bullying; practice anti-bias facilitation skills; and take on a leadership role in their schools, positively influencing school culture by challenging bias and modeling respect, allyship and civility.

Youth in Discussion

Peer Leadership

Under the leadership and guidance of a Site-Based Coordinator, Peer Leaders have opportunities to develop knowledge and skills to become leaders and social activists. As Peer Leaders, young people take active roles in addressing the issues that most concern them, working together to build schools, communities and organizations where diversity is valued, respected and appreciated.

Teachers and students with digital tablets have a discussion in the hallway

Becoming an Ally (for Educators)

Becoming an Ally equips educators with the knowledge and skills to interrupt bullying by becoming allies to students who are targets of these behaviors. By developing and putting into practice skills to effectively respond to name-calling and bullying, educators are playing a critical role in turning the tide of bullying and positively changing the climate of their schools.

youth summit 1

Becoming an Ally (for Youth)

Becoming an Ally empowers youth to become effective allies in incidents of bias and bullying by increasing their understanding of the impact of name-calling, bullying and other bias behaviors on their school and community, educating them about the specific role of being an ally, teaching them a process to assess the safety of intervening, and providing them with opportunities to develop and practice the variety of alternative responses to take action against name-calling and bullying.

Teacher teaching elementary students using ADL curriculum

Anti-Bias Curriculum Training

Our K-12 interdisciplinary, standards-based curricular materials help to integrate anti-bias education into existing curriculum throughout the school year and to facilitate students building a strong foundation for analyzing and confronting bias. The curriculum guides were developed to be used in conjunction with an A World of Difference® Institute program that provides a framework for its use. Curriculum guides can also be purchased separately.


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