Antisemitic hatred spray painted on the doors of the Cleveland DEM HQ

Pledge to Fight Antisemitism

The rise in antisemitic incidents and attitudes over the last decade are staggering. ADL recorded a total of 3,697 incidents of assault, harassment and vandalism in the last year alone. This represents the largest number of incidents against Jews in the U.S. recorded by ADL since 1979.

Commit to publicly condemning acts of antisemitism, advocating for policy solutions and encourage your elected officials to do the same.

Graves vandalized with Swastikas at a Jewish Cemetery

Report an Antisemitic Incident

Contact ADL if you experience or witness an incident of antisemitism. Together, we can work toward making our communities, country and world a safer place for all.

Adults meeting, using laptops and reviewing reports

Challenge Antisemitism in the Workplace

Nearly 52 million Americans harbor antisemitic beliefs. Explore “Antisemitism 101 for the Workplace,” an on-demand interactive module to learn more about diversity of Jewish identity and culture and ways to recognize how antisemitism shows up in the workplace. Urge your own workplace to take action.

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