Fighting Hate from Home

Fighting Hate from Home

Next webinar: Tuesday, April 14

Time: 2:30 PM ET / 1:30 PM CT / 12:30 MT / 11:30 AM PT


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Please join us to find out more about what is going on, how ADL is standing up against this extremism, and how you can fight hate from home. ADL is rolling out a series of Fighting Hate from Home discussions with our team of experts and we urge you to take part so you can stay informed and speak out. Together, as the ADL community, we can make sure that hate finds no footholds during this time of crisis.


Preventing Zoombombing and Using New Zoom Tools for Safer Meetings” 

We will be hosting a webinar on Zoom’s new security measures and how you can use them for your meetings and gatherings. We will be joined by a technical advisor from Zoom, who will provide an inside look at the security challenges sparked by this new era of staying connected while sheltering in place. Zoom will also join ADL’s security experts in sharing the latest tips and tactics for keeping the trolls and extremists out of your meetings.

You can read ADL’s new update on Zoom security and preventing Zoombombing here.

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ADL and the Secure Community Network (SCN) jointly hosted the webinar, ‘Zoombombing and other threats to your videoconferencing’. ADL’s Center on Extremism provided a briefing on how extremists are exploiting video conferencing technology to target certain groups and advancing their hateful messages. SCN provided recommendations on how you and the organizations you are involved with can prevent and mitigate these threats.