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As a Frontline member, your generous annual gift of $1,000 or more is a powerful investment in the fight against antisemitism and hate.

Benefits of Membership

ADL celebrates your commitment and provides exclusive benefits based on your level of giving.

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Exclusive Access

Receive invitations to important events happening in your region and to national events like Never Is Now, ADL’s annual summit on antisemitism and hate.

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Personalized Connections

Meet with ADL experts and be a part of focused conversations on how to fight antisemitism and extremism.

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Insider Updates

Learn about the intricate work of ADL with a subscription to our quarterly newsletter and access to insider briefings.

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Frontline Recognition

Receive materials and public recognition in appreciation of your commitment to ADL.

Make an impact in the fight against antisemitism and hate.

Your annual gift of $1,000 will make a difference.

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