Gabriela T. Richard

Assistant Professor of Learning, Design and Technology, Pennsylvania State University
Gabriela headshot

Gabriela T. Richard is a researcher, designer and educator of learning technologies, media, games and play. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Learning, Design and Technology program at Penn State, where she conducts research on the ways that diverse youth and adults engage in learning, collaboration, identity formation, and self-efficacy with gaming, livestreaming, makerspaces and computing. In particular, she explores ways that technologies can be culturally-situated and inclusive, and employs intersectionality as a frame for understanding complex sociocultural relationships across gender, race/ethnicity, culture, sexuality and dis/ability in media and design. She has written extensively about video games, diversity and inclusive design, and co-edited the third book in an influential series on gender and gaming, Diversifying Barbie and Mortal Kombat: Intersectional perspectives and inclusive designs in gaming (MIT Press). She is also the recipient of multiple awards, fellowships and grants from organizations including the National Science Foundation, the American Association of University Women, and the American Educational Research Association.