Q clock

The Q clock is a tool used by QAnon followers to "prove" that Q has predicted future events. The Q clock consists of a standard clock surrounded by a line spiraling outwards, which features a series of dated points. Each point forms a "second" on the clock, and a shaded date indicates that Q posted a drop(s) on that date. To "read" the clock, QAnon followers draw a line from today's date on the spiral to the center of the clock, checking for any Q drops on shaded dates that the line intersects and decoding their meaning. The clock can also be "mirrored" by continuing to draw a line through to the other side of the clock, intersecting additional shaded dates and drops that can be decoded. The Q clock can only be used to confirm that Q predicted a future event in a prior drop; it cannot be used by QAnon followers to predict future events.

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