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Understand the impact of legislative efforts related to free speech and DEI issues in higher education.

Partnering with ADL, administrators will be given tools to better understand our legal systems. They will learn how to evaluate the potential impact of legislation and court cases on the higher education landscape.

Participants will:

  • Evaluate  guidelines to determine when and how to engage with colleagues, students, and external constituents on these issues. 
  • Understand the historical impact of higher education legislation on college and university campuses. 
  • Gain  tools for assessing higher education court cases and legislation: when, how, and why should you pay attention?

Hate/Uncycled is ADL’s Model for Responding to Hate and Bias Incidents. The resources and programs prepare administrators, faculty, staff, students and campus police to become leaders in challenging bias in individuals and systems, working toward inclusion and instilling policies and practices for equity.

Contact ADL at CampusDirector@ADL.ORG for program information.