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Partnering with ADL, colleges and universities  will better understand and navigate the rise of online hate and harassment and its links to campus life.

Participants will:

  • Learn basic vocabulary about online behavior and internet crimes 
  • Gain resources to identify and counter trends such as doxing and swatting, and hate in  gaming culture
  • Explore tips for assessing online platforms and policies for on- and off-campus social media use 
  • Prepare to take action, assessing  what organizations and corporations are doing to address online harassment and hate 

Hate/Uncycled is ADL’s Model for Responding to Hate and Bias Incidents. The resources and programs prepare administrators, faculty, staff, students and campus police to become leaders in challenging bias in individuals and systems, working toward inclusion and instilling policies and practices for equity.

Contact ADL at CampusDirector@ADL.ORG for program information.