The Holocaust is one of the most thoroughly studied and well-documented genocides. Nevertheless, in the decades since World War II, antisemites have repeatedly attempted to cast doubt on this historical event. They claim Jews fabricated evidence of their own genocide for political, personal and financial gain. This conspiracy theory is rooted in the belief that Jews have the collective ability to force global industries and governments to promote a lie at the expense of non-Jews.

Not only can Holocaust denial serve as an entry point into even more explicit antisemitism, but its continued, current proliferation is compounded by a disturbing lack of knowledge about the Holocaust, especially among young people. Read on and watch this video to learn more about this particularly pernicious form of antisemitism.

Holocaust Denial

A Short History of Holocaust Denial in the United States

Trace the development of the Holocaust denial movement, from its post-World War II emergence through today.

Holocaust Denial

Key Tropes in Holocaust Denial

Explore the prominent tropes of Holocaust denial — and how Holocaust deniers base their claims on longstanding antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Holocaust Denial

Who’s Who of Holocaust Denial

Learn about the antisemitic people, organizations and publications that advance Holocaust denial, and dig deeper into their commentary and activities.

Holocaust Denial

Debunking Common Holocaust Denial Myths

Holocaust deniers rely on a range of myths to “prove” their claims. Read on to understand these myths — and learn the facts that debunk them.

Holocaust Denial

Profiting Off Holocaust Denial

There’s money in Holocaust denial — explore the financial and merchandising platforms that help deniers capitalize on their hateful lies.

Holocaust Denial

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View Excerpts of Holocaust Denial

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Holocaust Deniers in their Own Words

Antisemitism Uncovered

Explore Antisemitism Uncovered: A Guide to Old Myths in a New Era for historical, fact-based descriptions of antisemitic myths, contemporary examples and calls-to-action for addressing this hate.

Learn to Never forget


Ensure every student in the United States learns about the Holocaust because today's learners may be the key to preventing tomorrow's tragedies.

ADL's Holocaust Denial Report Card 2023

Online Holocaust Denial Report Card

Read findings which show that social media and online game platforms are failing to combat the proliferation of Holocaust denial content.