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Jewish couple during the Holocaust

Echoes & Reflections

Echoes & Reflections is the premier source for Holocaust educational materials and dynamic content, empowering teachers and students with the insight needed to question the past and foresight to impact the future. We partner with educators to support them, foster confidence, and amplify their skills and resources to teach about the Holocaust in a comprehensive and meaningful way.

Braun Holocaust Institute, Glick Center for Holocaust Studies

The Anti-Defamation League’s Braun Holocaust Institute, Glick Center for Holocaust Studies, provides education and resources that help educators and students study the history of the Holocaust and apply its lessons to contemporary issues of responsible citizenship, moral decision making, prejudice, hate, and genocide.

Educators at the U.S. Holocaust museum listening to tour guide

Bearing Witness™ Program

A unique professional development opportunity for Catholic school educators, designed to provide participants with the training and resources necessary to teach their students about the historical relationship between Jewish and Catholic communities and the impact of that relationship on Catholic teaching, catechesis and liturgy.

Bearing Witness Catholic educators in Israel

Bearing Witness™ Advanced Program

This program brings a select group of past Bearing Witness™ Program participants to Israel for in-depth study and enhancement of classroom content on anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Participants deepen their understanding of the Jewish connection to Israel, modern Israeli politics, the Holocaust, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Young woman lights candle at memorial

ADL Grosfeld Family National Youth Leadership Mission

Utilizing the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's dramatic portrayal of the Holocaust, this Mission brings together student leaders from around the country to learn the important lessons of the Holocaust and their practical application to modern-day issues of anti-Semitism, bigotry, and hate.

Jan Karski Courage to Care Award

This ADL award honors those individuals who risked their lives to rescue Jews during the Holocaust. The award is named in honor of one of its first recipients, Jan Karski, a Polish diplomat and righteous gentile who provided the West with one of the first eyewitness accounts of Hitler's Final Solution.

The Hidden Child Foundation

The Hidden Child Foundation brings together Holocaust survivors who share the common experience of being hidden as children from the Nazis. With a mission to educate all people about the consequences of bigotry and hatred, the Foundation publishes an International Directory and maintains a unique archive of documents including historical photographs, letters, and video testimonies.


Echoes & Reflections

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Echoes & Reflections