Concerned with a disturbing rise in discrimination against Muslims trying to legally build or expand their houses of worship — mosques — across the United States, interfaith and religious leaders in 2010 formed a coalition to assist those Muslim communities confronting opposition.

The Interfaith Coalition on Mosques (ICOM), comprised of individuals and organizations from different faith traditions — Christian, Jewish and Muslim — provides support and stand with Muslims when their rights are being violated. ICOM's charter members include some of our nation's leading religious leaders and scholars.

Rabbi David F. Sandmel, Director of Interfaith Affairs for ADL, coordinates the coalition's operations. He receives complaints about mosque discrimination from ICOM members, ADL's regional offices, the media, and other credible sources. ADL experts investigate each complaint and produce a report that is shared with ICOM members. The coalition, operating by consensus, discusses appropriate action to be taken.

Since its formation in September 2010, ICOM has conducted advocacy on behalf of multiple Muslim congregations, including the filing of amicus briefs in state and federal courts.