Lunch Every Day

Author(s) Kathryn Otoshi
Age Group 4-8
Publisher KO Kids Books
ISBN 978-1734348200
Year 2021
Lunch Every Day book cover

Every day Jimmy takes ‘Skinny Kid’s’ lunch at school. No way will he be caught dead standing in that FREE LUNCH line. Even when he’s called into the principal’s office, Jimmy just shrugs. “Yeah. Whatever.” Until a surprising act of empathy and allyship stops him in his tracks. For a split second a door cracks open into Jimmy’s heart. Who knows? Maybe he’ll just kick that door right open.

Read Aloud and Conversation with Kathryn Otoshi

Kathryn Otoshi reads aloud and discusses her picture book, Lunch Every Day. She is joined by Jim Perez, whose childhood story about bullying, allyship and empathy, inspired the book.

Discussion Guides for Educators and Parents

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Lunch Every Day book cover