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  • May 29, 2013

A series of cultural events in different cities to remember the extraordinary journey of the Jewish people after their expulsion from Spain in 1492 and to celebrate the ties between the Jewish people and the Spanish-speaking world.

More About ¡Celébrate!

ADL Presents to More Than 100 Mexican Consuls

In October and November 2015, more than 100 Consuls from all the Mexican Consulates around the country and Canada, together with representatives from the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and officials from the Mexican Embassy to the United States, participated in two ADL workshops about hate crimes, extremist groups, the anti-immigrant movement, and ADL's anti-bias education work. The workshops, held in Houston and Los Angeles, featured two FBI agents who presented on the FBI's Civil Rights Program, which investigates hate crimes, color of law violations, human trafficking and Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act violations. The training was coordinated between ADL, the Mexican Embassy in Washington, DC and the Mexican Foreign Ministry as a result of fruitful relations.

Fulfilling the Promise of Brown: School Discipline, Education Equity and the Achievement Gap

On the 60th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling, ADL developed a lesson plan for students to learn more about this landmark Supreme Court decision. Two infographics were also created in order to analyze and reflect on the modern day "school to prison pipeline" and the opportunity gap that both exist in our public schools.

Moreover, a free ADL webinar, part of the Anti-Bias Summer School Series, was given on this important topic. More information below:

Is your school disciplinary system equitable? Review the legal aspects of Federal guidance on school discipline and learn how to implement educational best practices for addressing bias related issues in schools.

ADL San Diego Interviewed by Univision on Bullying

Monica Bauer from ADL San Diego was interviewed by Univision regarding ADL's resources and expertise about how to respond to bullying and be an ally. This topic is especially prevalent during the school year.

La Intimidación Escolar No Es Un Rito de Paso

The lives of millions of children and young adults are damaged every day by vicious acts of bullying and cyberbullying. -  Las vidas de millones de niños y jóvenes son afectadas todos los días por los perniciosos actos de intimidación o acoso escolar e intimidación cibernética.

We need to be allies and learn how to respond to bullying and cyberbullying. - Necesitamos ser aliados y aprender cómo responder a la intimidación o acoso e intimidación cibernética.

You can make a difference. Sign the petition. -  Tú puedes hacer la diferencia. Firma la petición.  

Firma la Petición


Regional Offices and the Latino Community

May, 2016
  • On May 24, Remedios Gomez Arnau, Consul General of Mexico in San Diego hosted a small working lunch with José Paulo Carreño King, Mexico's undersecretary for North America. Monica Bauer, ADL’s Coordinator of Latino Community Relations in California attended the meeting and had the opportunity to discuss ADL’s work in immigration, hate crimes, hate groups, civil rights and education. Both representatives of the Mexican government were very grateful to ADL for the strong condemnation of the horrific recent hate crimes against Mexican nationals in Boston and in San Diego.

  • ADL San Diego issued a press release regarding an apparent hate crime against an employee of the Sasn Diego Mexican Consulate. 
  • ADL San Diego particpated on a panel at the University of San Diego titled "The Moral Panic Over the Border and Immigration." 
  • ADL Boston conducted a Jewish-Latino tour of Chelsea, MA. 
April, 2016
March, 2016
  • Two National ADL staff members visited the Philadelphia region for a series of special presentations and meetings with ADL’s partners in the Hispanic community. One of the presentations that they gave was "¡Basta de expresiones y crímenes de odio!: El movimiento anti-inmigrantes en los Estados Unidos" ("Stop Hate Speech and Hate Crimes: The Anti-Immigrant Movement in the United States") at the Mexican Consulate in Philadelphia

  • ADL Chicago conducted its first session of Hola Olam, the second incarnation of its Latino-Jewish Student Ambassador program, at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Learning and Leadership where they reflected on issues of race, identity, ethnicity, and language as they relate to Latino and Jewish culture. 
  • The Spanish-language newspaper El Mundo Boston published an article about a forum that ADL New England participated in, "The Holocaust and Human Rights."
  • Several Latino police officers who responded to the emergency call after the massacre of San Bernardino, California received the ADL Los Angeles Helene and Joseph Sherwood Prize. Several Spanish langauge media outlets wrote about the honoring such as Vida Latina San Diego, Telemundo Atlanta, La Prensa de Honduras, among others. 
February, 2016
  • A Spanish-language op-ed by ADL Los Angeles about intolerance in the immigration debate was featured in La Opinion, the leading Spanish-language newspaper in Southern California.
  • ADL Dallas gave a presentation to the Mexican Consulate on voting rights.
  • On February 24, ADL New Orleans held their annual Unity Day, where high school students across the New Orleans metropolitan area came together to understand and respect diversity and combat hate. 
January, 2016
  • ADL Detroit issued a press release in Spanish expressing outraged about the alleged discrimination against undocumented immigrants and the distribution of potable water in Flint.
  • ADL New Mexico issued a press release in Spanish urging the New Mexico legislature to continue to issue drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants in the state. In addition, ADL New Mexico parcipated in a press conference sponsored by Somos Un Pueblo Unido. 
November, 2015
  • ADL San Diego attended Fiesta Shalom, an event organized by the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles, to underscore the Jewish and Hispanic communities' mutual support of Israel and their common values.
  • ADL Dallas met with the local Mexican Consulate and discussed areas of mutual interest and concern. As a result of the meeting, ADL Dallas will be providing a hate crimes training to Consulate personnel in the near future. 
  • ADL Los Angeles presented to 55 community affairs Mexican Consuls on the following subjects: introduction to ADL, hate crimes, hate groups, the anti-immigrant movement and education.
  • ADL San Francisco met with Univision and discussed ways of collaborating together.
  • ADL San Diego was interviewed by Univision regarding the escalation of anti-Muslim rhetoric and hate crimes against the Muslim community.
  • ADL San Diego was invited to join Despierta San Diego and do a segment on hate crimes.
  • ADL San Diego was interviewed by La Poderosa radio station and spoke about stereotypes.
October, 2015
  • ADL Santa Barbara hosted an event about education equity called "The Education Ideal: Creating the Conditions for a Brighter Future for All Students." The event was widely attended and had a diverse crowd. 
  • ADL San Francisco honored  Olga Talamante, Executive Director of the Chicana Latina Foundation, with the 2015 Civil Rights Award for her activism and steadfast work in civil rights. 
  • In conjunction with the Archdiocese of New York, ADL New York hosted an event at the 92Y to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate and Catholic, Jewish and Latino Relations in the age of a Latin American Pope. 
  • ADL New Mexico hosted an event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate, and invited three New Mexico leaders to discuss interfaith dialogue. 
  • ADL Florida presented at a conference organized by the Consulate General of Israel in Miami with 30+ Honorary Consuls General of Israel from Latin-American and Caribbean countries. Senior Associate Director Yael Hershfield gave a presentation about ADL's engagement with the Hispanic/Latino community in the U.S. and abroad. 
  • ADL San Diego held an event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate and celebrate Argentina native Pope Francis' achievements in interfaith dialogue.
September, 2015
  • Monica Bauer from ADL San Diego was interviewed by Univision regarding ADL's resources and expertise on combatting bullying and how to be an ally. 
  • ADL Austin and ADL San Francisco met with their local Mexican Consulate and spoke about issues of mutual interest and concern. 
  • ADL San Franciscmo met with the new Consul General of Mexico in Sacramento and spoke about ADL's outreach and resources to the Hispanic/Latino community and issues of mutual interest.
  • ADL Dallas met with their local LULAC council and discussed ways in working together on issues of mutual concern and interest. 
July, 2015
  • Thanks to ADL San Diego, the San Diego Union Tribute published an article on ADL's Books Matters initiative, and the fact that it caters to the Hispanic/Latino/Latin American communities.
June, 2015
  • ADL Florida gave a hate crimes training at the annual conference of the National Latino Peace Officers Association (NLPOA), where around 30 officers from various states and departments attended.
  • Monica Bauer from ADL San Diego was interviewed by Univision regarding Books Matter, ADL's new initiative on books for children and the family recommended by ADL experts that address bias, prejudice, multiculturalism and respecting and embracing our differences.
May, 2015
April, 2015
  • After being warmly welcomed by S.A. Ibrahim, CEO of Radian, the students and employees of Esperanza Academy Charter High School participated in ADL Philadelphia's A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute diversity activities, sharing personal stories and individual perspectives with each other.
  • ADL Florida issued a joint statement regarding a hate crime targeting a Guatemalan man in Jupiter, FL.
  • ADL Florida attended a community meeting featuring HIAS and its refugee work with Colombians.
March, 2015
  • ADL New England and ADL San Diego held "A Nation of Immigrants" Seder to celebrate Passover and bring diverse communities together to build bridges of understanding.
  • ADL New York conducted a lecture with Rabbi David Sandmel, ADL's Director of Interfaith Affairs, titled "From Pope Francis to Paris: Interfaith Relations in the 21st Century."
  • ADL Austin was a co-sponsor for the event "Immigration and the Economy: National, State, and Local Perspectives," which focused on the positive impacts immigrants make in their communities.
  • ADL Los Angeles' Jewish-Latino Roundtable was a promotional partner for the Skirball Cultural Center's film series Latin Jewish Life in Film: Mantener la Fe (Keep the Faith). The series featured films from Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay.
  • ADL Arizona was interviewed by Univision regarding the shooting that took place in Mesa, Arizona.
February, 2015
  • ADL San Diego took a group of lay leaders from Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Orange County on a tour of the US-Mexico border with the Border Patrol.
  • The ADL New England Latino-Jewish Roundtable presented a discussion of "The Silent Crisis: Including Latinos and Why It Matters" about the under-representation of Latinos in leadership roles in executive positions, boards and commissions in the city governments of Boston, Chelsea and Somerville.  
  • ADL Chicago's Latino Jewish Student Ambassador program had its second session at the Mexican Consulate, where the Consul for Community Affairs from the Mexican Consulate spoke to the students, and a Latino chef did a presentation and tastings of Jewish and Mexican foods. You can watch a Univision video about the program here.
  • ADL Los Angeles' Latino Jewish Roundtable and Asian Jewish Initiative conducted a program called, Immigration Reform Update: Developments and Consequences, featuring Angelica Salas, Executive Director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, and Joanna Mendelson, ADL's Investigative Researcher for California.
January, 2015
  • ADL San Diego partnered with the Chicano Federation for a presentation with the FBI Civil RIghts Division for leaders from the Latino community.
  • An article by ADL Chicago about fighting against hate and discrimination was published in La Raza, a local Spanish-language newspaper.
  • ADL New York met with New York City Councilman Carlos Menchaca to discuss issues of mutual concern.
  • ADL New Orleans conducted a meeting with the Latino Forum and discussed the refugee minors from Central America in New Orleans and coordinating legal and social services for them. Following the meeting with the Latino Forum, ADL New Orleans provided an educational session on immigration reform and refugee minors in the New Orleans area.
  • ADL Chicago launched its Jewish Latino Student Ambassador program, and the first event took place at the Illinois Holocaust Museum. Students were partnered in Latino-Jewish pairs to create a project that shows how the program has increased awareness of their culture and identity.
December, 2014
  • ADL Arizona was interviewed by a Spanish language TV station about a possible hate crime.
  • ADL Austin met with the Mexican consulate to discuss areas of mutual interest and cooperation.
October, 2014
  • Amy Schwartz, Assistant Regional Director of ADL Chicago, met with the Deputy Consul General of Mexico to formalize a partnership on Latino Jewish Student Ambassador program that the Chicago office is piloting in Winter 2015. 
  • ADL New Orleans wrote a letter to a local newspaper commending them for writing an article about an immigrant family and the humanistic exigency of the immigration crisis.
  • ADL Atlanta met with the Consul General of Mexico to discuss the results of the recently-released ADL Global 100 and the state of anti-Jewish sentiment and Mexico. THe meeting was timely and informative.
September, 2014
  • From Spain to Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Israel, South America, Mexico, Cuba and the United States, the dispersion of Sephardic Jewry led to a far-reaching exchange of customs and ideas. Join ADL New England the Consul General of Spain and the former U.S. Ambassador to Spain and Andorra on September 14th for this cross-cultural evening to promote global awareness of the shared customs and traditions of these diverse Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities.
August, 2014
  • ADL Washington DC sent a letter to Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley thanking him for his leadership in providing temporary placement for over 2,000 children fleeing violence in Central America and ensuring that proper protocols are in place to house those who are still arriving.
  • The ADL Michigan region held the Dance Against Hate event on August 28th 2014 that brought people together from across cultural borders to reject bigotry and celebrate diversity through the art of dance. The showcase featured Salsa through the decades starting from the most recent, accompanied by education surrounding the difference of each dance. This interactive dance event included salsa and bomba lessons. Watch the video from the event here.
  • ADL New York was present at a Latino outreach event, "Celebrate the Power of Latinas!" which featured a distinguished panel of successful Latina leaders.
  • ADL Chicago met with the Consul General of Argentina where they discussed working together on projects of mutual interests and combatting hate and bigotry.
  • ADL Houston was interviewed by Univision at a pro-Israel rally.
July, 2014
  • ADL Chicago met with the Consul General of Peru and discussed ADL's expertise and resources in areas of interest to the Hispanic/Latino community as well as the possibility of conducting a hate crimes training for Chicago Latin American consulates.
  • ADL San Francisco met with the Consul General of Brazil and spoke about the ADL Global 100 Index of Anti-Semitism and areas of mutual interest that they could work together on.
June, 2014
  • ADL New England hosted an exclusive screening of Documented followed by a panel discussion with writer/director Jose Antonio Vargas.
May 2014
  • ADL Los Angeles met with the Consul General of Argentina where they spoke about ADL's expertise and resources to the Latino community, Argentina's results from the Global 100 and the state of the Jewish community of Argentina. As a result of the meeting, the Consul General is very interested in continuing engagement with ADL.
  • ADL San Diego organized a student program with the Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles, University of California San Diego Rady School of Management, San Diego County Office of Education and the Ken Jewish Community to engange Latino students in Israeli advocacy on the UCSD college campus. Monica Bauer, ADL San Diego's Associate Regional Director/Coordinator of Latino Community Relations in California, did an interview with Voces Hispanas and spoke about the program and its impact on the Latino students.
  • ADL Chicago met with the Consul General of Argentina to strengthen relations and discuss issues of mutual interest.
  • ADL San Francisco met with the Consul General of Mexico in Sacramento and spoke about issues of mutla concern such as hate crimes, bullying and cyberbullying and the anti-immigrant movement.
  • ADL New York conducted a hate crimes training for Mexican Consulate personnel and CLACNY (Coalition of Latin American Consulates New York) members where they learned about what a hate crime is, how to identify and report it, and ADL's resources on hate crimes and materials and expertise on fighting hate and discrimination.
April 2014
  • ADL San Diego met with Alan Alvarez, California State President of the National Latino Peace Officers Association (NLPOA). He expressed interest in having ADL present at their 41st NLPOA National Law Enforcement Training Conference.
  • ADL National attended MALDEF's 2014 Awards Gala.
  • ADL San Diego joined Southwestern College's Hermanos Unidos - Brothers United (HUBU) conference on academic success for Latino and African-American males across San Diego County. ADL facilitated a conference workshop entitled "Microaggressions in Our Lives" to help conference participants explore microaggressions - commonplace insults to marginalize groups - and brainstorm how to respond to microaggressions on campus
March 2014
  • Claudia Rodriguez, Associate Project Director of ADL Florida, was interviewed on a TV station in the Dominican Republic about ADL's expertise and programming for anti-bias education.
  • ADL San Diego partnered with the University of San Diego's Latin American Studies Program to present a ¡Celébrate! lecture titled "Unwelcome Exiles: Mexico and the Jewish Refugees from Nazism." Professor Daniela Gleizer  from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City presented on this topic.
  • ADL New England's A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute delivered its first-ever Miller Early Childhood Initiative training in Spanish. Nearly 20 family child care providers from accross Massachusetts participated in the full-day workshop.
  • ADL Los Angeles' Jewish-Latino Roundtable held a program featuring LAUSD Superintendent Dr. John Deasy about the district's efforts to combat the "school to prison pipeline" and ADL efforts to create a safe and inclusive environment in schools.        
  • ADL Florida recently designated all eight public schools in Miami Beach as No Place For Hate. Dennis Kainen, a Miami Beach resident who is the organization's national commissioner, said "It's so important that our children be taught that hatred of any kind is not to be tolerated and that our differences are our strengths and that's what makes this community not only a no place for hate, but a place that we all want to live in."
  • ADL Los Angeles was featured in La Opinion newspaper for providing anti-bias trainings to many communities.
  • ADL Chicago attended Univision's Familia y Hogar event and participated in a discussion about the deterimental impact of bullying and cyberbullying in the Latino community.
  • ADL Los Angeles honored 9 Latinos with the Helen & Joseph Sherwood Family Prize for Combatting Hate. Read more about the honoring en Español in La Opinión newspaper.
  • ADL New Englad hosted a Nation of Immigrants Community Seder on March 23rd to celebrate the diverse stories and cultures of the communities that make up our nation of immigrants.
  • ADL San Diego hosted its inaugural "A Nation of Immigrants" community seder. More than 75 San Diego community members, educators, school and government officials, and leaders of many faiths and ethnic groups were in attendance and participated in the Seder.
February 2014
  • ADL Arizona organized a meeting with the Israeli Consulate and the Hispanic Caucus of the Arizona State Legislature with the goal of creating a partnership between Arizona State University and Ben-Gurion University to work together on cybersecurity.
Jauary 2014
  • ADL San Francisco met with the Mexican Consulate and discussed collaborating in cultural and intellectual events to bridge together the Jewish and Latino communities.
  • ADL New England's Jewish-Latino Roundtable presented a discussion with Ambassador Alan D. Solomont, former U.S. Ambassador to Spain and Andorra, and Susan Solomont. They spoke about their experiences in Spain both as representatives of the United States and as Jewish Americans with insights into the importance of positive relations between the Jewish and Hispanic communities throughout the world.
December 2013
  • The City of Miami Beachfeatured ADL in a bilingual article regarding the implementation of the ADL program No Place For Hate in all city public schools.
  • FBI Dallas Special Agent in Charge Diego Rodriguez announced the selection of ADL Community Director Roberta S. Clark as the 2013 recipient of the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award (DCLA). SAC Rodriguez said "Ms. Clark is devoted to educating law enforcement and the public, as well as providing guidance and assistance to community members who believe they have been victims of discrimination or hate crimes."
  • The ADL Boston's New England Latino Leaders Mission to Israel took place from December 7-16. Read about the mission in an article published in El Mundo newspaper.
  • On December 11, ADL Orange County and the Mexican Consulate of Santa Ana showed a screening of the documentary "Visa al Paraiso" about Gilberto Bosques, a Mexican Ambassador in France who in the late 1930's embarked on a misison to rescue thousands of Spaniards and Jews.
  • In honor of ADL's Centennial year, each month ADL Connecticut features a "100 Years of Impact" profile about a dynamic leader or leaders whose lives have been impacted by ADL. Werner Oyanadel is the Executive Director of Connecticut's Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission and was one of 19 prominent Latino leaders across the country to participate in ADL's "Latino Leaders Mission to Israel" in 2012.
November 2013
  • ADL Philadelphia's Next Generation Leadership presented "A Nation of Immigrants: The Human Face of Immigration Reform" to honor America's history as a nation of immigrants.
  • ADL Boston held a panel discussion titled "America - A Nation of Immigrants: Where We Stand Today," which featured Ali Noornai, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum in Washington DC, Reverend Cheng Imm Tan, Director of the Mayor's Office of New Bostonians and Jose Antonio Vargas, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, filmmaker, and the founder of Define American campaign as panelists.
  • ADL Boston honored Diego Portillo and Tanya Shnaydman with the Krupp Leadership Award, at the ADL’s 2013 Young Leadership Celebration. The event celebrated the honorees and the accomplishments of the young leaders, as well as commemorated ADL’s centennial year.
October 2013
  • ADL Chicago met with the Consul General of Mexico and his two assistant Consul Generals and spoke about how they can work together.
  • ADL Los Angeles supporters joined leaders of the Latino community and diplomats for a reception held in the terraced backyard of the Mexican consulate's official residence where they mingled and "schmoozed." Consul Genera of Mexico Carlos M. Sada spoke of the long-standing and important connections between the Mexican and Jewish communities.
  • ADL Houston and the South Texas College of Law presented “The Human Face of the Immigration Debate”. This program explored the immigration debate and provided an up close look at personal stories of those impacted by immigration, immigration law today, and civil rights challenges posed by immigration, including human trafficking.
September 2013
  • ADL Boston's Latino-Jewish Roundtable hosted a Mayoral Candidate Forum in the Boston office. Here, Leaders from Boston's Latino and Jewish communities were given the opportunity to meet some of the 2013 Mayoral Candidates one week prior to the primary election. Those candidates that presented included Felix Arroyo, Charles Clemons, John Connolly, Michael Ross and Charles Yancey. Read more about the event in the Boston Globe
  • Join ADL New York on September 24th to hear the compelling narratives of 4 DREAMers from 4 different communities striving to build better lives and a better America. 
  • Over 40 prominent Los Angeles artists, including Latinos, have agreed to contribute works inspired by ADL's Centennial theme Imagine a World Without Hate®. The donated art will be displayed and auctioned (silent and live) at a reception on September 17th featuring live entertainment and gourmet refreshments. All proceeds from the event and auction will support ADL Los Angeles' programs. Sponsorship opportunities and tickets are now available. To learn more about the event, contributing artists and to register, please visit

August 2013
  • On August 29th ADL San Diego staff and lay leaders met with Congressman Vargas at his district office in Chula Vista. To begin the lobby meeting, the ADL delegation shared the ADL Centennial video "Imagine a World Without Hate" with the Congressman and thanked him for his support on Comprehensive Immigration Reform and for his opposition on the SAFE Act. ADL members asked the Congressman to vote in favor of the Employment Non Discrimination Act of 2013 and requseted his support for the Tyler Clementi Higher Education Anti-Harrassment Act, to which he agreed.
  • The San Diego Latino Film Festival invited ADL San Diego to introduce the bullying themed movie: "Después de Lucía" ("After Lucia") winner of the Un Certain Regard award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 and Mexico's official selection for the Academy Awards in 2013. ADL San Diego's Community Coordinator, Monica Bauer, was interviewed at Univision's "Despierta San Diego" about the importance of this film in highlighting the problem of bullying among teenagers and the work ADL does to prevent and address this pervasive issue. ADL San Diego's Associate Director, Tina Malka, presented ADL's Imagine Video and talked about bullying before the screening of the film. In addition, ADL San Diego had a table with materials where the Festival took place.
  • ADL Houston applauded the Department of Justice's (DOJ's) efforts to preseve and protect the voting rights of all Texans. In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder coordinated by ADL, the League and six other Texas civil rights groups commended DOJ for seeking a "preclearance" requirement for Texas that would bar voting law changes in the state until a federal court found that they would not discriminate against minority voters. 
  • Nearly 50 arson investigators, firefighters, and law enforcement officers participated in a hate crimes training session presented by ADL Houston in San Antonio. The session, which covered hate crime laws, hate crime victims, reporting hate crimes and how to recognize the signs, symbols and tattoos of people who act on their hate, lasted 4 hours and provided continuing education credit for the participants.
  • ADL Washington DC has asked the Department of Justice to investigate whether North Carolina's recently - enacted voting law discriminates against minority voters. Read about it here
  • Sonia Spar, ADL National Coordinator of Latino Community Relations, met with several Latin American consulates and local Latino leaders in Los Angeles.
July 2013
  • ADL Chicago's Assistant Director Amy Schwartz met with the Consul General of Peru to discuss anti-Semitism, the Jewish community in Peru and Latino cultural affairs.
  • ADL Chicago's Regional Director Lonnie Nasatir met with Marty Castro, Chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights and the Chairman of the Illinois Human Rights Commission, and provided him with an overview of ADL and the issues we advocate for including immigration reform, church/state separation, marriage equality and general discrimination issues. Discussion included initiatives to partner on such as an anti-bullying campaign and discrimination.
  • ADL Houston Assistant Project Director Pam Autio provided Miller Early Childhood Initiative Training to fifteen foster parents connected with the Casa de Esperanza social service agency, which helps children and their families in the Greater Houston area and surrounding counties whose lives have been disrupted by abuse, neglect, homelessness, poverty, substance abuse, parental incarceration and/or HIV-infection. The foster parents participated in the workshop to raise their cultural awareness, and be more responsive to the children in their care.
  • The Washington, DC Regional office together with ADL's Civil Rights Policy Planning center presented a proram to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) entitled Facing off Against Violent Bigotry and Hate Groups: Understanding the Threat – and Tools to Address It. Sponsored by the USDA's office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights and the Office of Compliance, Policy, Training and Cultural Transformation, the program addressed hate crime laws and enforcement and provided an overview of extremism in America today.
June 2013
  • In the wake of recent hate crimes in New York City, New York State Senator Brad Holyman, Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Investigations and Government Operations, hosted a public forum on New York State's hate crimes law on June 14. ADL was invited by the Senator to testify at the hearing and was delivered by Gregg Mashberg, the then-ADL Associate Board Chair. Read ADL's testimony (PDF) at the public forum.
  • ADL was honored by LULAC NY for its work in securing justice and fair treatment for all and fighting all forms of discrimination, bigotry and promoting democratic values. Read more about ADL being honored by LULAC.
  • Over the course of three Sundays, Latino and Jewish high schol students had the opportunity to learn about each other's cultures and their shared American heritage as Latino-Jewish Youth Ambassadors, a new program under the auspices of the New York ADL Latino-Jewish Roundtable. Read More About the ADL New York Latino-Jewish Roundtable Youth Ambassadors
  • ADL San Francisco's Associate Director facilitated a 3 hour workshop on hate crime for 35 aspiring law enforcement officers at the Santa Rosa Junior College Public Safety Training Center. Read more about the hate crime training 
  • ADL San Francisco presented a special screening and community discussion of the documentary "Bully." This is the first documentary film to show how we've all been affected by bullying, whether we've been victims, perpetrators or stood silent witness.
May 2013
  • ADL Florida presented Rolando J. Behar with the 2013 Distinguished Community Service Award for inspiring leadership in combatting anti-Semitism, promoting interfaith/intergroup relations, and tireless advocacy for the State of Israel. Rolando, a Cuban-American Jew, has dedicated himself to building bridges between various communities and devotes his energies to fighting injustice and promoting understanding wherever he goes.
  • ADL Santa Barbara celebrated Diveristy Day at Girsh Park, where diverse organizations were represented that work alongside ADL and the work that it has been doing for one hundred years. There were informational booths, food, music and entertainment.
  • ADL Florida and the Miami-Dade Civil Rights Committee hosted Florida State Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez at the law offices of Boies, Schiller & Flexner, LLP. Committee members had an engaging and insightful discussion with the Representative on the 2013 Florida legislative session with topics such as election reform legislation as well as underlying structural issues within State government that create roadblocks to moving ADL's agenda forward in Tallahassee.
  • ADL San Diego presents the Figueroa Family and its Jewish Roots: A Journey Through Music where they trace their family's roots in a concert with violin and piano music, as well as stories and photographs.
  • ADL Connecticut gave its Torch of Liberty Award to Superintendent of New Haven Schools Dr. Reginald Mayo. The Torch of Liberty Award is presented annually to outstanding citizens and corporations whose extraordinary work has helped strengthen the Greater New Haven community.
  • David Barkley, ADL Southeastern Counsel, traveled to Daytona Beach to participate in a U.S. Department of Justice program on hate crimes. Mr. Barkey discussed ADL's advocacy and work in hate crimes, as well as the unique societal and community impact of bias-motivated crimes.
April 2013
  • ADL San Diego and Orange County, California in partnership with the Consulate General of Mexico, presented ¡Celébrate! The Jewish Experience in Spanish-Speaking Countries. Myriam Moscona, author of Tela de Sevoya spoke about Sephardic culture in Mexico.
  • Lorella Praeli, Director of Advocacy and Policy at United We Dream Network, was a panelist at ADL's Centennial Summit in Washington, DC and spoke about immigration reform.
March 2013
  • ADL's Latino-Jewish Roundtable in Los Angeles held a panel discussion featuring Congressman Howard Berman and California State Senator Kevin de Leon. They spoke about immigration reform and how California policy has shaped the debate.
  • ADL Boston hosted a Nation of Immigrants Community Seder to bring diverse communities together and to build bridges of understanding
  • Mayor of Boston Thomas Menino presented ADL Regional Board Chair Jeffrey Robbins and ADL Acting Regional Director Robert Trestan of the New England office with an official Proclamantion from the City of Boston "on the 100th anniversary of the Anti-Defamation League" at the Nation of Immigrants Community Seder. Mayor Setti Warren of Newton also issued the ADL an official proclamation from the city of Newton acknowledging that the League has worked "tirelessly for over one hundred years to secure fair treatment for people across all faiths and communities."
February 2013
  • ADL Denver presented its 2013 Civil Rights Award to Patricia Barela Rivera, who has worked for greater opportunities for women and minorities.
January 2013
  • Leaders from the Los Angeles civil rights community joined together for the ADL Centennial Civil Rights Symposium and attended a panel discussion which addressed civil rights issues facing the Latino, African American, Asian American and LGBT communities

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