Anti-Semitic E-Mail Attempts to Slur Reputable Firm

  • September 5, 2002

After receiving numerous questions and concerns arising from an anti-Semitic e-mail with the subject line, "Sept 11, the reason for last years attack on the WTC," the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has been in contact with the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, also known as (ISC)², in an effort to identify the source of the message. While the e-mail was made to look as if it had been sent by an employee of (ISC)², the organization has made clear that the message is a forgery. Furthermore, (ISC)² has assured ADL that their organization "does not condone or encourage such views and denounces the espousal of them for any purpose."

The message includes the "definition of Jew, the verb" and states that "Jews will be hanged indiscriminately ...until the last Jew in New York has been exterminated." It purports to have been sent by "Wilfred L. Camilleri, CISSP," who is the Webmaster of (ISC)².

ADL has confirmed that the message is bogus. It is clear that the e-mail did not originate at (ISC)² and was not written by Wilfred Camilleri. Furthermore, (ISC)² has issued a statement indicating that it believes the message is part of an ongoing effort by an individual to discredit the organization through the "spoofing" of employees' e-mail addresses. The messages are made to appear as if (ISC)² employees are sending them, when in fact the e-mails originate from an anonymous sender outside of the U.S.

In this case, the "Sept 11" e-mail appears to have been specifically targeted to reach Jewish institutions and synagogues. (ISC)² believes the contents of the e-mail were derived from a hate-based Web site, "and were intentionally sent to those of the Jewish faith to give our organization the appearance of anti-Semitism," the company told ADL.

A similiar ficticious e-mail about this company claims that (ISC)2 has been penalized by a rabbinic court, or "Beit Din" of Jerusalem, for anti-Semitic behavior. There is no truth to this message.

ADL has been in contact with (ISC)² and has been working to notify Jewish community institutions and the public of the bogus nature of these e-mail messages