Anti-Semitic E-Mails Not From Israel

  • September 15, 2004

A number of anti-Semitic e-mail messages have been received by individuals in the United States with a return address indicating that the message was sent by companies or organizations in Israel.  In fact, this e-mail is "spam" that has been sent using a falsified (or "spoofed") return address.  Because of the falsified address information, tracing the origins of this e-mail is very difficult.

The text of the message, embedded within a string of random text, states: "Israeli's Trying to Control USA in next 12 Years so guys beware now before its too late."  The random letters that appear within the text of the message are designed to get past the anti-spam filters commonly utilized by e-mail service providers.

Anti-Semites have sent hateful messages via e-mail for many years, and this newest variation, which pretends to originate in Israel, is yet another example of how haters use the Internet to spread their poison and sow confusion about its source.  Anyone who receives this message is advised to report it to their Internet provider, and hit the "delete" key.

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