Aryan Brotherhood of Texas Members Face Murder Charges

  • June 20, 2006

Three members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas prison gang have been charged with capital murder in connection with the kidnapping and fatal stabbing of a Baytown man.

Larry Welch, 20, Randall Wayne Carter, 32, and Michael Brandon Faught, 22, were arrested for allegedly kidnapping and murdering Robert McCartney, a 49-year-old longshoreman, on June 8, 2006.  The men targeted McCartney because they wanted to steal parts from his truck to repair the same model truck belonging to the gang's leader, investigators said.

The three face capital murder charges in Liberty County and conspiracy to commit organized crime charges in Harris County.

Authorities recovered surveillance video of a shopping area parking lot showing three armed men following and then abducting McCartney as he was on the way to his truck.  McCartney was found dead the nextmorning by a city worker in a soybean field in Liberty County. His throat had been slashed and he was stripped nude. 

The arrest is the latest development in an investigation that has resulted in 11 members or affiliates of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas being charged with engaging in organized crime.  Eight other people, four males and four females, face charges stemming from a burglary that took place a day before the killing.  All the suspects have admitted being affiliated with the gang or have gang tattoos.

The others charged are Stacy Kane Johnson, 27, Robert Lutz, 35, Brandie Jane Thomas, 24, Francis Woodward, 23, Dixie Lee Pond, 24, Alysha Bryanne Hollaway, 26, and Jerry Dewayne Woodward, 28.  Most of the members became acquainted in prison, authorities said. 

Randall Wayne Carter has pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge in exchange for a 15-year sentence. Jerry Dewayne Woodward has also pleaded guilty in exchange for a nine-year sentence.

The Texas Aryan Brotherhood formed in the early 1980s as an offshoot of the (California-based) Aryan Brotherhood; it is an independent group with a presence in Texas and some neighboring states.  In Texas, this violent group has more than 400 members.   

In April 2006, five other members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas were indicted by a grand jury in Lubbock, Texas, on various firearms offenses.