Bahrain Rejects Anti-Semite’s Beliefs

  • November 18, 2002

Responding to concerns about the recent visit to Bahrain by American white supremacist David Duke, the Bahraini Ambassador to the U.S. assured the Anti-Defamation League that his government does not support crude appeals to anti-Semitism and hate.

"The government of Bahrain neither agrees with nor supports Mr. Duke’s beliefs," Ambassador Khalifa Ali Al Khalifa told ADL in a November 15 letter from the Bahraini Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The Ambassador’s letter responded to concerns raised by ADL that the American white supremacist was finding new audiences for his brand of anti-Semitism in Bahrain, where he was slated to deliver a series of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel lectures coinciding with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The Ambassador indicated that while Bahrain, “welcomes all visitors, regardless of their religion or personal views,” the hateful views of David Duke are at odds with the Kingdom’s values of coexistence and tolerance toward other faiths.

“We firmly support programs that build bridges, such as the Muslim-Christian Dialogue session which took place in Bahrain last month,” the Ambassador said. “We feel that the views of Mr. Duke expressed in his lectures only serve to tear down and destroy these bridges, which are vital to promoting understanding and peace among peoples and nations.”

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