California White Supremacist Sentenced for Shooting at Officers

  • November 1, 2004


A white supremacist from Lancaster, California, was sentenced to over 34 years in prison for shooting at law enforcement officers during a high speed pursuit.

Brian Tobias, 27, has been linked to the Nazi Low Riders, a white supremacist street and prison gang.  He was earlier found guilty of evading an officer, shooting at an occupied vehicle and exhibiting a deadly weapon to a police officer.  Tobias was sentenced on October 27, 2004.  He will be retried on charges that he attempted to kill the sheriff's deputies who pursued him.   

The incident, which occurred in July 2003, began when authorities tried to pull Tobias over in a stolen vehicle.  Officers then pursued Tobias for ten miles.  Before Tobias was eventually apprehended near Lake Los Angeles, he pulled a female passenger out of the vehicle, put a gun to her head and used her as a human shield. Tobias was also found guilty of kidnapping and falsely imprisoning a hostage.   

Tobias is also awaiting trial for his role in shooting and critically wounding an African-American man in Lancaster.  Tobias and his alleged accomplice, 20-year old Michael Kelly, are charged with attempted murder and a hate crime.