California White Supremacist Sentenced to Life in Prison

  • November 15, 2007

A jury in Stanislaus County, California, Superior Court found white supremacist Dion Milam guilty of first-degree murder after less than one day of deliberations.

The November 3, 2007 verdict means that Milam, 35, of Empire, may receive a sentence of life without parole.

Milan, whose prior convictions include assault and burglary, has the words "Aryan Honor" tattooed over his eyebrows, and a Nazi eagle tattoo on his neck .

The first-degree murder conviction stems from a 2003 incident in which Milam shot a 45-year-old man to death while attempting to steal methamphetamine and money from him; he was additionally convicted of four other felonies stemming from the shooting incident including the attempted brandishing of a firearm to resist arrest.  The latter charge stemmed from a related incident in which Milam pulled a gun on two detectives while being picked up for a parole violation. 


A Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge sentenced Dion Milam to life without the possibility of parole, plus an additional 32 years and four months. After the sentence was handed down, the district attorney's office dropped the two pending cases against Milam - one for smuggling drugs while incarcerated, and the other for conspiracy (with a former jailmate) to commit murder and intimidate witnesses.