Christian Identity Financier Sentenced for Firearms Charges in New Mexico

  • July 5, 2007


R. Vincent Bertollini, 67, an escaped fugitive with ties to the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations was sentenced in a US District Court in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to 41 months in federal prison for illegal possession of firearms.

Bertollini, originally fled North Idaho in 2001, just prior to his trial date for felony drunken driving charges.  He was captured in New Mexico in April 2006.  During that arrest in Santa Fe, FBI agents discovered a loaded handgun and sawed-off shotgun in his truck, as well as seven additional firearms in a trailer where he had been living.

Bertollini was indicted on the charge of being a fugitive in possession of firearms. Prior to answering to the federal firearms charges in New Mexico, Bertollini was extradited back to North Idaho to face the original felony charges he was wanted on- bail jumping and felony driving while under the influence.  In August 2006 he received six months in jail for those charges.  In June 2007, after serving the full sentence, he was returned to New Mexico to face the federal firearm charges.

Bertollini is a one-time Silicon Valley business executive who moved to North Idaho in the late 1990s.  Bertollini paired up with multimillionaire Carl Story to form the racist Christian Identity organization the “llth Hour Remnant Messenger”. The group ran a Web site and spent a great deal of money mass mailing Aryan Nations products and materials.

In 2000, when Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler lost all of the land in his white supremacy compound in Idaho due to a civil law suit, Bertollini stepped in and purchased a new home for Butler in the same Hayden area. This home continued to serve as the Aryan Nations headquarters for the remainder of Butler's life, which ended in September 2004.