Dead Body Found in White Supremacist's Truck

  • April 14, 2004


Police in Huntington Beach, California, arrested two suspected white supremacists and two women on suspicion of murder after finding a dead body in one of their vehicles.

Billy Johnson, 40, Jason Karr, 39, Erin Brooks, 19, and Suzanne Miller, 24, were traveling through Riverside in two separate vehicles when police pulled them over on April 6, 2004. During a search of one of the suspects' vehicles, police found a wrapped body covered by a camper shell and a pile of wood.

The body, believed to be that of a man in his twenties and dead for up to 2 ½ days, was found in a pickup truck driven by Johnson and Miller, both of whom were wanted on a $40,000 arrest warrant for selling methamphetamine. Karr, wanted for parole violation, was in the other vehicle with Brooks.

Police said that Johnson and Karr are believed to be members of Public Enemy Number One (a.k.a. PENI or PEN1), a violent white supremacist prison gang with approximately 200 members in California. PENI formed in the mid-1980s and is active primarily in Orange County and surrounding areas. The group has had ties to the Aryan Brotherhood and the Nazi Low Riders.

All four are being held on $1 million bail in Orange County Jail.