Extremism In America: James "Bo" Gritz

  • March 29, 2005

Bo Gritz (rhymes with “rights”), a former Green Beret and highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, became a prominent figure on the right-wing fringe after leading unsuccessful commando-style missions to rescue alleged American POW’s in Vietnam in the 1980s. He ran briefly for Vice President in 1988 and for president in 1992, both times on the Populist Party ticket. His non electoral activities have ranged from attempting to mediate high-profile standoffs between the government and far-right figures to founding survivalist-oriented land developments to leading paramilitary training sessions. With close ties to both the anti-government movement and white supremacists, he enjoys an unusually ecumenical appeal; in recent years, he has become an adherent of Christian Identity, and his efforts have reflected a new religious ardor.

Read the full report, Extremism in America: James “Bo” Gritz (PDF).



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